How to Optimize Meta Description for SEO in Blogspot Blog

Meta description has a very important role in implementing search engine optimization or SEO techniques. Because the meta description will be the information displayed by search engines when it appears on the search results page.

Search engines display meta descriptions in search results when the word or phrase being searched is in it. The meta description does not include a ranking factor, but there are indirect advantages. Meta description influences CTR, if CTR is a ranking signal, then the right meta description will improve rankings well. The meta description is still important for SEO.

How to Optimize Meta Description for SEO

1. Around 155 characters. 
The meta description should be effective and clear.  For each page, consider the most important message which you have to show in search engine so that people click on it. Try to make short and sharp at the same time, it should be 158 characters.
2. Must Be Relevant to Contents of the blog 
The meta description must be relevant to the contents of the page. If the description is related to the content, it will certainly reflect a good experience for our website visitors. That means it's good from an SEO viewpoint.
3. Include targeted keywords.
People use phrases with certain keywords to search for articles on the internet. If a keyword matches a part of the text in the meta description, Google will tend to use the meta description and highlight it in search results. This will make the link to your blog or website more inviting and increase the probability of being clicked on.
Each search engine supports different character lengths for meta descriptions, while mobile devices, even fewer. Therefore, it is important to put targeted keywords at the beginning. This is to better ensure that the keywords remain legible and are included in the various search engines and tools used.

How to enable meta description in Blogspot

On the blogger dashboard, Click on settings  ➤  Search preferences  ➤ Click Description  ➤ Select Yes ➤  Save changes

enable meta description in Blogspot

After enabling the search description, a field will appear for the blog description as shown below

enable description in Blogspot

Now give a meta description according to the content of your blog. For example, your blog is a blog about technology then it can fill like this: "This Blog is About technology here we publish trending tech information".
This meta description is specifically for the Home page of the blog.
The results of this meta description look like this:

meta description

When you create a post, On the right side you will see a Search Description section as shown below.

search description

fill out according to the contents of the post. Use keyword-rich sentences to easily rank the post in a search engine.
The results of this search description look like this:

blog description

The search description option for the post above will only appear if you enable the meta description for the home page.

That's all. It's a very easy process to improve SEO on your Blogspot blog.

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