NonAmp Responsive Blogger Template [free]

NonAmp Responsive Blogger Template [free]
NonAmp Blogger Template
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Blogger Template Name: NonAmp Responsive Blogger Template dgntemplate
Platform: Blogger
Template Author: themeindie
Template Description
NonAmp Blogger template is simple and clean looking easy to use a super-fast loading theme. this theme is well designed for keeping in mind and a strong focus on content and readability as they are obviously important to all Blogspot users. It comes with the latest generation coded structure and SEO friendly design that gives optimal performance and help to easily rank in google search engines.
This Beautiful blogger template can be used for creating a blog for niches like personal blogging, fashion, magazine, beauty, News, travel, etc. You should not be confused with the name of the template as it is not a Valid AMP theme but its performance is not less than an AMP template. This template is designed by the themeindie. dgntemplate provide you High-Quality free Premium Blogger template.
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Template Feature: 
Responsive Layout, Mobile Friendly, SEO Friendly, Light Base Color, Search Box, Drop Down Menu, 2 Columns, Top Navigation, Sticky Navigation, Back to Top Button, Grid Style Post Thumbnails, Page Numbered, Share Button, Footer Navigation, Footer Widget, Breadcrumb, Featured Slider, Related Post, Recent Post, Mid Header, Simple, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Clean, Minimalist, Fast Loading,  Adsense optimized, Seo Ready, Adapted From WordPress, Ads Ready, Retina Ready, Free Premium, Email Subscription Widget, Responsive Blogger Template, Footer, Ready for business blogs and news websites, Ads and Seo Optimized, Featured home page widgets and More...
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Responsive Design

Responsive template layout is one of the most important factors for the blog's SEO. Responsive themes have the ability to adjust their width according to the screen size and device type of the user, which gives the best experience to your visitors.

Due to the responsive theme, visitors can open your blog on any device without diminishing quality. A custom responsive blogger template has many features that help in showcasing your blog content in a beautiful and perfectly designed manner.

Finally, choose our best high-quality responsive blogger template with a cool and simple design that matches your blog's niche.

A responsive design website also helps you to improve the readability of the blog, blog readers can easily friendly with your site, and navigation becomes easy for mobile users. so go ahead and download our amazing designed responsive blogger themes to get huge traffic.

Responsive themes are also called mobile friendly templates. Responsive Templates give the best exposure to your unique visitors and customers when they using your site as their layout is perfectly optimized to comfortable with all devices.

Nowadays, it's necessary to have a responsive design feature in a blog template. because the responsive nature of a template affects both the blog SEO and blog visitors. if you don't have a responsive theme you can't easily rank in google.

Moreover, search engines will be very more friendly with websites that have responsive templates. Also having a responsive ready theme helps you in better SEO optimization and it makes your site so fast as fast loading blogger templates.

we have the best responsive template to renovate your blog, you can apply these themes to your blog. Browse our responsive Blogspot templates for various niches, whether you want to make a simple blog or any magazine, we have a great collection of the best responsive themes.

Best responsive blogger templates that are Fully responsive on Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop. Comes with Fully optimized layouts which is compatible, easy to fit in your blog.

All the Free Responsive Blogger Templates are well designed and crafted with optimizations that will give the best experience to your visitors whether it's accessed by mobile or desktop.

We have shared Highly Responsive Blogger Templates for Blogspot platform users. So Choose and Download the best responsive themes according to niche and try out them on your blog.

SEO Ready

Every bloggers wants to rank on top of the search engine result page to gain real-time traffic. In order to get more organic traffic on your blog, you have to beat your competitors.

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These SEO-friendly blogger themes are designed by expert developers with best SEO practices also some of the blogspot themes have pre-loaded functions that boost SEO optimization with ease and lets you make effortless organic traffic from search engines.

If your Blogspot theme is not perfectly optimized for SEO, your blog can't be successful and unable to getting organic traffic, So you should use SEO Ready Themes on your blog.

Seo Ready Blogger templates help to get more and more real-time organic traffic on your Blogspot blog or wordpress blog.

Most bloggers create new blogs in which they publish quality content but publishing quality content isn’t the only solution for getting organic traffic over various search engines. For that, you need to use well-designed and professional-looking SEO-optimized blogger templates.

The Best blogger theme needs to design in a way that fullfills each and every criterion of search engines. Whether it's schema markups or metatags, everything should be kept in mind.

A Blogspot theme must have a balanced amount of heading parameters so that crowlers can easily crawl your site as well as blog content.

By using our SEO-ready blogger templates and SEO-optimized blogger themes, you don’t have to worry about these things, as our themes are well optimized that comply with every aspect of the search engine.

A good amount of organic traffic through a well SEO optimized blog can help you in generating better revenue.

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These SEO friendly Blogger template(s) or SEO friendly themes are fully featured with various search engine optimization options or search engine optimized custom framework.

A Seo ready themes loaded with breadcrumbs which are validated by for the latest google update compliance.

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Amp Blogger Templates are optimized with fast loading Design and also look very professional, AMP Stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages it enhances web browsing for mobile users and dedicated to helping webpages load faster when users view from mobile devices.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an assuring way to make your web pages load faster on the mobile. And now it is time to rank your web pages with the fastest and most loved Blogger theme by Google, whether it's ECommerce, news blog, or personal website, you get lots of features in AMP themes.

AMP restricts JS and CSS to be loaded on mobile devices resulting in faster loading of the pages.

Using these templates, you can deliver the blog content super quickly to your blog visitors who visit your website through mobile devices.

The main specialty of AMP themes is that it displays all Ads every time despite rendering your webpages super-fast on mobile devices.

This assures about No cut in ad revenue that the speed can load the webpage without loading the ads to display. This type of Blogspot theme will help you to boost your web Pages for faster website loading.

There are many benefits of AMP templates, it helps you to improve your blog loading speed, along with better SEO performance across smaller devices such as mobiles and tablets.

AMP Blogger Themes are very popular among new bloggers. AMP helps in the quick loading of a website so that a user will get quick information even on slow networks.

If you have not used the AMP template on your blog or website yet, hurry up and check out our Latest AMP Blogger Templates that you should try on your blog/website.

All the Templates are developed by expert theme developers who have considered every important aspect while developing AMP Themes.

You can browse and download all-new AMP Blogger Templates for your blogger blog. Google and other search engines prefer quick-loading websites.

Free Blogspot templates are inbuild with AMP fast loading feature as themes are furnished with highly SEO optimized code and rich snippets including the latest schema markup for better search engine rank positioning.

Bloggers can get many advantages from using AMP Blogger Template like as we know AMP Blogspot Themes are extremely optimized to give enhanced user experience, better CTR, and most important you can rank your blog higher in mobile devices.

Amp blogger themes look pitch-perfect in responsiveness, which increases the site’s speed performance and boosts your blog traffic initially.

If you are looking for any AMP Blogger Template that is feature-full, has a beautiful and attractive design, then here at DgnTemplate have a great collection of various Best Free AMP Blogger Templates, which you can install to improve your blog loading speed.

Simple and unique design

Simple Blogger Templates are very elegant and uniquly designed blogging blogger themes. Simple Blogspot Themes are simple in design, lightweight in structure with unique features.

One of the best features of these themes is that they have easy-to-read and clean typography that helps to deliver an immersive experience to the blog readers.

Best Simple blogger template for Google Adsense must be in simple design, responsive, and SEO optimized, that have better ad placements.

Being a simple and clean blog makes it easy to find the required information for both the webmaster and the blog reader.

Moreover, due to the simple and clean layout, your webpage will load fast and we all know that website page speed is one of the major factors that can rank your website very easily.

These templates are designed to focus on the quality of the template. Made with a minimal approach and beautiful appearance, these themes have popular and best quality fonts so that it improves your blog’s readability and focuses towards better reader engagement.

Dgntemplate has the best simple blogger templates, that are designed by the best blogger template designers. so go ahead and check out some great and easy-to-customize simple blogger themes.

Adapted From WordPress

Adapted From WordPress Blogger Templates are professionally designed beautifully looking themes which are the converted versions of various WordPress themes.

Nowadays, Most of Blogspot users prefer to use Adapted from WordPress Blogger Themes as these templates are exactly the clone of specific WordPress Themes.

These kinds of themes look professional and elagen and have been crafted with perfection. It becomes an ideal choice for bloggers who love WordPress-based theme design.

Adapted From WordPress are those templates which have been converted to Blogger from WordPress Themes.

There is no doubt that the Blogspot platform is the best Content Management system (CMS ) and the themes of the blogspt platform have so many features with various theme designs that are developed by adapting various 'WordPress themes' designs and layouts.

Furthermore, These themes are responsive and SEO friendly so they can easily be considered as the best Blogspot themes that look like WordPress themes instead of Blogger.

These themes perfectly coded with the latest SEO trends and technologies like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, etc, it also features some interesting and high-quality design ideas from WordPress, such as a mega menu, sliders, featured post widgets, magazine layout, material design, subscription and sharing options and many more.

You can browse our Premium Blogger Templates Adapted from WordPress and download the one you think is the best suit for your blog or website.

We have shared only the top-quality themes on our website developed by expert theme designers with all the latest features. Some of the best and quality blogger template developers have made these themes.

Making a blog with this WordPress adapted Blogspot template has become very popular. The idea behind making such premium themes is to provide the best user experience and up to the best quality.

Some of these themes are directly converted from WordPress but you can also find themes converted from other sources like HTML templates and PSD templates.

So basically if you want to create a blog that looks like a WordPress blog, but you want to use the Blogspot platform for blogging, then this WordPress adapted blogger themes are perfect.

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Adsenes Ready

Everyone wants Ads Ready Templates in which have a clean layout and better ad placement to showcase Adsense ads without disturbing visitors in reading your blog content easily.

Adsense optimized theme displays ad units at the correct positions to get more clicks and monetizing your blog.

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Ads Ready Blogger Templates are highly SEO friendly and optimized blogger themes. Adsense-friendly themes are specially optimized for advertising and all the themes are compatible with AdSense or alternatives. So you can easily place your AdSense ad codes.

Built with a modern SEO framework, these themes are made with the latest generation coding structure and new trends like HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery, which will help you to customized and also show ads in the right places.

Since all the templates are fully featured with built-in ad slots, and having perfectly ad placements, these themes are used for making an outstanding blog, whether you want to make a news blog, personal, tech, travel, fashion, magazine, movie, micro-niche, or any other blog, it is perfectly designed to give best user experience.

Along with extra ad slots these themplates also come with multiple features whether its responsiveness, SEO optimization, fast loading speed, widgets ready, social media-ready, or clean typography, which fulfill all terms and conditions.

fast loading

In fast blogger templates uses lightweight code that helps to load webpages quickly. Search engines and blog visitors prefer those blog that loads very fast and presents all the blog content in a structured layout.

Google and other search engines don’t like those websites that take too much time to load their content as it irritates the users. So choose a super Fast Loading template for the blog that complies with all the essential characteristics like responsive design, SEO Ready, Ads Ready, and quick loading.

Lightweight templates are considered as Fast Loading Themes for Blogspot.

Dgntemplates shared only the modern and unique Fast Loading Blogger theme for Blogspot users who love to download the best templates for their blog/website.

if your blog doesn’t load fast and you are looking for a new theme to increase the page speed, don’t miss to download Fast Loading themes for free.

Fast loading Blogspot template is designed to kept in mind to achieve higher ranks in search engine ranking positions. By which you can get a large amount of organic traffic on your blog.

Fast Loading Blogger Templates are simple and clean-looking themes that take microseconds to load.

These themes convert your blog into professional-looking blogs, most of the news or magazine blogs prefer fast loading themes.

A fast-loading blogger theme is very important to have any Blogspot blog, whether the blog focused on any micro-niche.

And the best thing is that we can get thousands of free fast loading blogger templates on the internet. But most of them are not have a quick loading feature.

To make your webpage load fast and SEO optimized use a professional blogger template. So here at DGNTemplate, we have some of the best-looking and perfectly designed fast loading Blogspot themes.

These themes loads blazing fast, which means by using all of these free blogger themes will make your blog load in a short time.

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If you are creating a blog on a news/magazine niche then Magazine style Blogspot themes are the perfect template for this.

Magazine themes specially designed for newspaper/magazine that presents the content in a responsive structured way.

All the latest magazine themes are developed by top designers to give your website a unique look.

Built with a highly professional and optimized set of codes and functions, this amazing list of magazine Blogspot themes helps you to create flawless and Seo-friendly, and responsive layouts to publish any kind of posts.

Magazine Blogging blogger templates are loaded with a variety of content-based widgets, where you can publish your blog posts according to your blog categories.

You can easy to customize these widgets from the layout so that a full magazine or a semi magazine blog can be created.

So let's move ahead and check out some great and amazing magazine blogger templates that have special options.


Photography Themes are best for photographers to offer their content through their blog. We have top 100 best Photography Blogspot Templates for free.

All the photography designs are responsive and SEO Ready so your photos will display in a great layout on all devices whether it's a smartphone or laptop.

You can check out on to download the best blogger template for photography and use it on your blog now.

These Blogger Templates for Photographers are crafted by the best Blogspot Themes developers who expert to design high quality of themes that looks like a WordPress theme.

Key features of Photography Templates are Responsive, SEO Ready, Fast Loading, Grid View, Auto Resize Post Thumbnails, full image preview, gallery, and many more.

In All Photography layout design has been done SEO optimization perfectly so that your images can be easily indexed by the search engines.

Best-looking photography Blogspot themes will help you to make an attractive and elegant-looking photo-sharing blog or website in no time.

Our Photography Blogger Templates will give your blog a fresh and unique look that will attract visitors to stay on your photo-based blog for a longer time to see more and more of your photos.


Minimalist Blogspot Themes are one of the most popular template types. The template that has a clean and elegant layout is considered as Minimal Themes.

It allows an excellent reading experience for your blog visitors. Minimalist Themes look very attractive and stunning and their loading time is very fast due to its neat and clean layout.

Popular Minimalist Design for Blogger includes responsive, breadcrumbs, related posts, SEO optimized, social bookmark ready, fast loading, Ads ready, and many more.

As we all know that Google or other search engines rank those blogs or websites which load fast so use minimalist style themes that help you in getting top rankings for your website easily.

Minimalist Blogger Templates are super optimized by their High-Quality coding structure and minimal design so that's why it looks professional and elegant design.

These templates are perfectly suited for Photography, health, Fashion, Portfolio, and Personal blogs. If you have a blog among the mentioned niche then you can browse our best and latest Minimalist Blogger Templates.

Minimal and clean design theme serves a great reading experience along with better user-friendly experience to the visitors.

From website You can easily Get a latest Minimalist Blogger Templates for your blogger blog. These Free Blogspot templates have minimal and a user-friendly appearance.

Minimal-looking designs are most preferable in terms of SEO to simple blogging or magazine-style templates.

All these minimalist blogger themes are perfectly equipped and easy to use a theme, any sort of blog can be built using these but photography, health-based website, traveling and portfolio website are the best choices to make.

Especially if you have any popular fashion-based blog, then you should Download a minimalist type Blogspot template.

These awesome-looking minimal blogger templates are very attractive and fully responsive in design. Simple in appearance themes gives better load speed, due to their white background, clean typography, high SEO functionality, fully responsive design, and super simple content area.

We have thousand of popular minimalist blogger templates, shared by best and popular blogger template authors.

So go ahead to Download the best looking and feature full Free Minimalist Blogger Templates for your blogger blog.


All Blogger Themes built with the main purpose of publishing news articles are considered as News Blogspot Themes.

All the templates are developed by expert developers that you can use for niches like News, magazine, technology, sports, politics, health blogs as well.

The magazine-style theme is made with perfection to create professional-looking news portal websites on your blogger blog.

These themes are built with the advanced option and features so we can say that these are the best choice for News blogging.

Dgntemplate's template collections have high-quality design and highly SEO optimized, by their professionally coded layout they load very fast even on slow networks.

All the templates are the best news template for Adsense approval.

These templates come with multiple ad placements and content columns to show published news articles. Also include different types of featured posts based on recent, random, and post category layout.

With their elegant designs and professional looks, you can deliver the best user experience, Moreover, its best font and typography looks more professional that improves the blog readability.

So go download our amazing looking themes, and also subscribe dgntemplate to get new News Blogger Templates when publishing any new one.


Templates that allow us to showcase our work and talent or any Portfolio in a beautiful and attractive way are considered Portfolio Templates.

New Portfolio Templates for Blogspot users have been designed keeping in mind responsive in nature, all important SEO factors, and a clean and elegant layout with fast loading time.

These themes are based on futuristic design and elements that allow you to create one page and an event-based Blogspot website.

All the themes are fast loading and highly SEO optimized to give a maximum performance that lets you rank higher positions in search engines especially for newbie bloggers.

Portfolio Themes are the best theme for business portfolio sites, Event blogging, Creative Artists, and Designers who are looking for an awesome theme to showcase their work through a beautiful blog.

Portfolio layout comes with seamless design and rich color combinations to expose your portfolio information with an immersive experience.

Some of the themes have animating elements like whenever the user will scroll down the theme elements will appear one by one with attractive and seamless animation.

Looking for New Portfolio theme for your blog/website? Check out our Best Portfolio Blogger Templates that give a unique and professional look in 2021.

We always update Portfolio Blogspot Themes to let you get only the fresh and latest designs.

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