How to Install Facebook Fanspage Widget on Blogger

How to Install Facebook Fanspage Widget on Blogger
Facebook is the most popular social media platform around the world and has the most active users. The fanspage page helps anyone to expand their reach from businesses, blogs, online sales, and community. With a wide reach, Facebook is the target of businesses or content creators bloggers, and youtube to introduce more broadly the brand name they have.

Installing a Facebook fanspage widget on the blog will increase the number of likes on our Fb page. because every visitor will see this widget on your blog. 

let's start a very easy and casual tutorial, which is about how to install widgets like Facebook pages on the blog because it turns out that there are still many blogger friends who have difficulty doing so.

How to Install Facebook Fanspage Widget on Blogger using IFrame script

To put a fanspage widget on a blog is actually easy, So Let's continue step by step to install the fanspage widget on the blog as follows:

2. In the Facebook Page URL section: Put your Fanspage your Fanspage URL address.
3. In the Tabs section: by default, it will be written as timeline. This means that your widget will automatically load Fanspage posts. If you don't want to show the post, delete it and empty the box.
4. Now click on the Get Code button.

Facebook Developer to access Page Plugins
Now there are two options for fanspage page code, If you are a Blogspot user just switch on IFrame toggle option as shown in the image below.
Iframe script

5.Click Get Code button ➤select iFrame
Copy the entire script
6. Open
7. Sign in to Blogger Dashboard
8. Choose LayoutAdd a Gadget
9. Select HTML/JavaScript ➤Paste the iFrame script into it

That's an Easy Way to Install Facebook Fanspage Widgets on Blogger.  If you still don't understand, you can ask directly in the comments section. Good Luck!

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