Top 5 Blogger Templates That You Should Try

Download Top 5 Blogger Templates That You Should Try

The best blogger templates must have a simple and clean appearance so that it enhances the user experience. the User Interface of your blog template plays an important role that determines the proper design of your blog with visible text so as to provide a good experience for visitors who come to read articles on your blog.

The blog template is the main thing that attracts users to visit their website. When we talk to BlogSpot templates, we have many free and premium options out there. The blogger templates that I'm sharing with you comes with simple and elegant appearance, there are many templates if you search on the web but I'm selecting the top 5 blogger template that you should try on your blog.

Top 5 Blogger Templates (Free & Paid)

Most of these custom blogger templates are adapted from WordPress themes, and they will present you with a cool and professional blog. If you have not yet customized your BlogSpot blog look, these templates will help you to get easily rank in SERP.

So let's check out the top 5 Blogspot themes.

1. Dgnblogging Blogger Template

dgnblogging Blogger Template Free responsive

Dgnblogging blogger template is a fully SEO optimized professional theme that has a clean and minimalistic interface and is fully compatible with AdSense.  This template is a super stylish and fast loading theme with great features and amazing functionality this theme lets you enhance your blog in a more professional way with its some classy features and functionalities. Based on the new generation framework of a blogger this theme supports the latest schema structure and google rich results. This theme comes with a fully responsive layout that can adjust its dimension automatically according to the screen ratio.

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2. Ripple Blogger Template

Ripple Clean Blogger Template is an attractive, well-designed theme that helps to influence your website's targeted audience with its attractive creative design layout. Crafted with the latest-generation coding technologies, and it passes all the tests, whether its rich snippet test or validator test tool, this template fulfills each and every aspect of google. You get a superb design theme along with fast loading and responsive layout, that looks nice on every aspect ratio whether it's large devices like desktop and laptop or tablet and smartphone.

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3. Nivan Blogger Template

Nivan Blogger Template is an elegant and most powerful lightweight theme with a dynamic look. It is highly SEO optimized, integrated with the latest SEO techniques to get a huge possible score in Search Engine. It is carefully designed to reflect the trends of the modern era of the web. Crafted with a clean and simple layout, it also highlights an amazingly easy to read typography style with professional fonts and great color combination. Being a simple and clean code designed theme it loads webpages in a few microseconds.

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4. Newcon Blogger Template

Newcon blogger templates is a stylish looking theme with an appealing design that helps you build outstanding looking blogs in no time because the appearance of this template is very exclusive, if you look at it from this form of design, this template is usually used to create blogs such as magazines and news blogs. You can easily navigate your readers and give them the best exposure with the look of your beautiful website. Newcon is also suitable for showcase advertisements on your blog.

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4. OnePress Blogger Template

OnePress is a top-level magazine blogger template. With an updated design, this theme supports the latest schema markups and google new rich result technology. That makes it a highly SEO optimized theme with fast loading speed. Since it is a minimal looking theme with an elegant and simple design, you can use it to create any type of personal blog. It is an attractive clean designed theme that helps to deliver a great experience to your users. it is a perfect template for those who want to increase earnings as it has multiple ad placements.

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I’m sure you have select one such template from the above list, which will suit your niche and make your blog look elegant and professional.

👍Good Luck!!

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